Michaela “Mia” Fox
Burbank, CA


  • Software Experience: Maya, Softimage XSI, 3DS Max , Photoshop
  • Source control/Bug Tracking: Perforce, Visual SourceSafe, WinCVS, Jira, DevTrack, XPlanner
  • Can quickly learn proprietary tools and technology
  • Extremely organized and detail oriented
  • Console as well as Mobile development experience
  • Familiarity with creating VFX & simple animations


ZYNGA Burbank, CA (September 2011 – Present)

Unannounced Mobile Game
Senior Artist

  • Modeled Main Menu 3d background
  • Created texture atlas’, using smart objects, in Photoshop CS 5.1
  • Generated lightmap & ambient occlusion renders to use in conjunction with scene lighting
  • UV animations as well as object animations & some of the VFX

Party Place iOS, Android (mobile)
Senior Artist

  • Modeled, texture UV’d, lit, and implemented over 230 furniture/prop objects, including LOD’s & broken states
  • Responsible for naming conventions of furniture & assigning work to the environment artists
  • Supported animation team building all needed props
  • Built over 20 objects & props & prop VFX for content cadence releases
  • Did not break the build during the entire development & launch of the game (over a year)
  • Updated the wiki about the process of adding furniture to the game & best practices

PAGE 44 STUDIOS, LLC San Francisco , CA (May 2010 – September 2011)

THQ’s Disney Princess: Enchanting Storybooks Wii, uDraw Tablet, DS
Environment Artist

  • Modeled, texture UV’d, lit, generated lightmap, and implemented the main environment used to access all the Disney Princess Storybooks
  • Modeled, texture UV’d, and lit all the 3d Storybooks

Pictionary Wii, uDraw Tablet
Environment Artist

  • Modeled, texture UV’d, lit, created UV animations, and generated the lightmap for the Pictionary Mania level, one of only 2 levels in the game
  • Pictionary was a launch title for the uDraw Game Tablet

Los Angeles, CA (June 2008 – January 2010)

The Saboteur XBOX 360, PS3
Environment Artist

  • Responsible for closing out several neighborhoods in the game with props, building variations, and AI Fences (AI collision)
  • Responsible for “Living World” placement using ambient animations, attraction points, and spawners to make the civilian AI do more than just walk down the street
  • Placed all AI Sidewalk nodes which “guided” the civilian AI where they could and could not walk

San Francisco , CA (September 2007 – May 2008)

Iron Man XBOX 360, PS3
Intake Artist

  • Worked directly with outsourcers, in China, reviewing and giving detailed feedback on environment assets; was responsible for processing all those assets and making sure they got into the proprietary game engine
  • Technical support for internal artists helping them get environment assets into the game engine
  • With 2 months left in production I managed a small group of outsourcers and internal artists building Havok collision for over 400 assets; wrote a Havok collision rules document used by outsourcers and internal team

San Francisco , CA (February 2007 – August 2007)

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground PS2, Wii
Senior Environment Artist

  • Led team of three other artists porting three XBOX 360 levels to PS2 & Wii
  • Worked with level designers to redesign problem areas
  • Optimization of geometry and creation of collision primitives in 3DS Max
  • Conversion of next-gen shaders to run optimally on PS2
  • Level intro cameras

San Francisco , CA (July 2006 – December 2006)

Star Trek Online PC (cancelled-studio closed)
Environment Artist

  • Involved in pre-production; researched and wrote prop asset creation document for outsourcers and new hires; modeled and textured various next-gen props and space objects including creation of normal, occlusion, irradiance, and specular maps

San Francisco , CA (2000 – 2005)

EA Games The Godfather: The Game PS2, XBOX
Environment Artist

  • Modeled and textured over 70 objects used throughout the game

Sony 989 Sports Gretzky NHL 2005 & Gretzky NHL 2006 PS2
Lead Environment Modeler

  • Modeled and optimized 22 arenas based on photo reference
  • Built objects such as mascot heads, trophies, scoreboards, goal LODs and collision models
  • Worked closely with programmers to design workflow, optimize scenes, and problem solve
  • Oversaw other environment modeler, lighter, and texture painter to ensure all 39 arenas were completed on time

EA Sports BIG Freekstyle PS2
Senior Environment Artist

  • Senior Modeler on “Gnome Sweet Gnome” level: responsible for laying out the 4 quadrant level using the design maps as a guide, focused on building the green house quadrant and final clean-up and tagging of the entire level
  • “Burn It Up” level: designed and modeled first workable version of the burning/falling tree section, worked with programmers to create trees that would be triggered to fall and break into pieces

EA Sports Supercross 2001 PSX
Environment Artist

  • Responsible for modeling 5 stadium levels
  • Worked with programmers to create solutions for assigning game attributes to level geometry (collision and drivability tagging) and was responsible for final tagging of all tracks in the game

San Francisco , CA (1998 – 2000)

Fox Sports Major League Baseball 2001 PSX (not published)
Production Artist

  • Created textures for all fonts, front-end, and in-game art. Creation and mapping of all player uniform texture maps including home, away, clean, dirty, and all levels of detail

San Francisco , CA (1997 – 1998)

ESPN Baseball Tonight PC and PSX (not published)
Production Artist

  • Creation and mapping of all player uniform texture maps including home, away, clean, dirty, and all levels of detail. Creation and mapping of all player skin texture maps


University of California at Berkeley (1991 – 1995)
Bachelor of Arts in Architecture

The Art Institute of Atlanta (1995 – 1996)
Visual Communications – Graphic Design

Academy of Art College San Francisco (1996 – 1997)
Computer Arts – 3D Modeling & Animation (2nd Degree Program)